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How to Hire a WordPress Development Company for Your Business

How to Hire a WordPress Development Company

If you want a website for your business but don’t have the expertise to do it yourself, you’re more likely to hire a WordPress development company. Unfortunately, figuring out where to start and who to hire in today’s pool of so-called experts can be hard and challenging.

However, the good news is that you can use our tips to make the selection process easier and a little fun. These tips will help you partner with true and skilled experts who can cater to your business needs and goals.

In this article, we’ll discuss how hiring a WordPress development company can benefit your business. We’ll also help you with some pro tips to use while searching for your web professionals to help you in your business online journey.

Why Hire a WordPress Development Company

Though WordPress is a very easy and beginner-friendly CMS, there are reasons why you should hire a WordPress development company to build your website. For beginners, it’s a perfect start to build a casual website for themselves that not only looks great but also matches your business vision.

However, the reason to hire a company goes beyond design. A professional development company can help you secure and maintain your site, along with a compelling high-converting website. For example, they can help your business with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO increases your chances of ranking high in the search results so more people can visit your website
  • Hosting & Maintainance: A professional company will you assist you with your hosting and uptime monitoring to help manage your monthly storage, bandwidth, and other server-related needs
  • Website Monitoring: They can help you with website analytics and metrics to better understand your traffic
  • Ongoing maintenance: Many companies offer ongoing maintenance services and this can be extremely helpful in securing your WordPress website, for both you and your customers.

Again, it does not always make sense to hire WordPress development services. If you’re building a casual blog or simple portfolio, you can do it yourself. A development company can be helpful in making you stand out from the crowd. You got what we’re saying?

Moreover, if your website gets a bug or an error, you’ll need someone to fix it for you before calling out for WordPress support. For instance, your development company will help you debug your WordPress website, troubleshoot issues, widget issues, performance updates, and more.

Tips to Hire a WordPress Development Company

Finding a reliable and professional WordPress development service that suits your budget and fulfills your needs can be stressful and time-consuming. However, there are some quick tips you can follow to make the process easier. Following are some of them. 

1. Identify What Type of WordPress Development Company You Need

Before you begin to start searching for WordPress development services, it’s a good idea to think about your business’s specific needs first. By having a clear picture of your project needs and goals, you can explore your options more accurately ending up saving your time and energy.

For example, you should create an outline of your website’s requirements and a list of the pages you want. Also, include the specific features you want including eCommerce functionality or a multi-author blog.

2. Create a Job Post

Today, companies are enlisting themselves on big job portals such as Indeed and Glassdoor to attract other companies searching for independent workers on these portals. Try searching there and finalizing some for the final questioning and consideration.

So, it’s a good idea to prepare an ad and make sure to mention a list of tasks you want a company to do to eliminate all the candidates unsuitable for your project.

3. Prepare a List of Questions

When you begin your search for ideal companies, you’ll likely want to have a meeting with some of them. Once you’re done with your research and finalize some companies for your website project, get some time to make a list of questions to ask the company about your project.

Here are some questions that we recommend asking while interviewing a company:

  • What is your total experience in working on WordPress?
  • Do you have any experience developing custom WordPress themes?
  • What methods do you use for optimizing websites for SEO?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?
  • What’s your average timeline for completing a development project?
  • Did you work on any project before which is similar to mine?

Asking a variety of questions can help you better understand the company’s technical and soft skills and how they work on their projects. 

4. View the Company’s Portfolio

Anyone can claim to be an expert. However, while in the selection process, ask the company for their portfolio before you make the final decision. This will help you understand their designs, workstyle, and the services they offer.

If they own a personal website, you can use it to indicate their capabilities, assuming what they have developed for themselves. If they don’t have a public portfolio, ask them for examples. It’s important to ensure their capabilities before you end up wasting your time and resource with the wrong company. 

5. Look at Testimonials or Reviews

Before you hire your WordPress development company, go through the reviews or testimonials on their website and look for their previous clients. You can also verify these testimonials or reviews on social media, and review sites such as TrustPilot or Clutch to verify their work. These reviews will help you understand the type and quality of work they offer – which leads to a healthy and trustful working relationship.

6. Assess Their Soft Skills

Finding a company proficient in all the technical aspects of WordPress development is important. What’s more important is their soft skills such as communication style. Make sure the development company you’re hiring answers all of your questions thoroughly. They should also respond on time, especially when you’re communicating through email.


Building your first website can be a challenging and time-consuming process. However, hiring an expert to do it for you is easy, that’s what this post is about. As mentioned above, use these tips and questions while hiring a WordPress development company for your business and you’ll be well on your way to online business growth and success.



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